--Monthly Briefing--12:30pm

Held the 1st Saturday of the month unless it is a holiday weekend, then its the 2nd Saturday. Meetings are at the WWLaw on Bolton and Harmon.

                                                             2017 Calendar
                                             NO JANUARY MEETING 

       2/4, 3/4, 4/1, 5,6, 6/3, 7/8, 8/12, 9/9, 10/7, 11/11, & 12/2

--February-November--She’ro in the Community-- Nominate someone you know for their community work that is not reckognized. It is up to you to make that person shine by sending an email to sherointhecommunity@yahoo.com. Often times, their efforts and hard work goes unnoticed and the Sisters would like to award one special lady for the work she does in our community by recognizing them as our ‘She’ro in the Community’ for 2016. Emails sent should include the nominee’s name, address, phone number and in 100-125 words, please explain why you would like for your nominee to be selected and what has she done in the community. Drawing will be held on December 19th

--2/13--Trinkets of Love--Salvation Army of Montgomery St.--We will be making Valentines boxes for the women and children of that facility.

--3/11--Pantry Party--1-3 pm--TBA-- This will be our first fundraiser of the year.  Come join us for a day full of fun, fun, fun as we auction off bags of groceries starting at $3. There will be refreshments for our guest. 

--4/29 Healing Summit/Happy birthday sisterhood--Macadonia Fire Baptized Holiness Church on Scaraborough St. in West Savannah--6pm-This will be our 14th anniversary celebration and what better way to celebrate than by being in the presence of the Lord! 

--5/4 --Community Prayer--WWLaw Community Center Bolton and Harmon--the 1st Thursday in May is National Day of Prayer. Prayer will be for an hour from 12-1pm.  

--5/20--Clothes give-a-way--1902 Clemson St.--9am-12pm.--we will be giving away clothes.  Clothes donations are always welcome.  We will also be selling fish sandwhiches/chips for $5.00 or fish and grits breakfast plates for $5.  

--5/29--Sisters and Friends Day--Wilmington Island State Park--1pm--this will be a day to fellowship with our family and friends.

--6/17--Juneteenth Celebration/Meet and Greet community networking event-- 10am-2pm on 38th St. Park. This year, our Meet and Greet will take place at Savannah's annual Juneteenth Festival. Come out and enjoy the festivities, meet the Sisters and find out what we do in the community and for one another.

-6/24—Empowerment and Leadership Seminar—1-4pm—Garden City Library Meeting Room-104 Sunshine Rd. in Garden City, Ga.—This Seminar will be for leaders or future leaders in any industry. Hosted by our President and founder, Latonia Hendry.

--7/29--12th Annual Luncheon with the Sisterhood--12:30-Agape Worship Center--619 E. 39th St.
-Theme: Now Is Not the Time to Faint; It is the Time to Persevere!.

Our Speakers will be:
-Empowerment Speaker & Coach Kimberly “Isis” Thomas of Atlanta,
-Evang. Lashaunda Jamerson, SHSSOFW, Inc.
Food and refreshments will be served.
The cost of this event is a donation of school supplies at the door!  

--8/5--9th Annual Back to School GiveAWay--12:30-2:30--WWLaw on Bolton an Harmon--This year we will be taking registrations of 25 families.  You can send your name, telephone number, address, and ages of children to shssofwofficers28@gmail.com
**We are seeking donations of school supplies, book bags, and monetary.  Please contact the organization at 912-272-7394 to donate! No amount is too small, and as always, we appreciate the support of our community.

--TBA--Pantry Party--1-3pm--WWLaw on Bolton and Harmon--This is a fundraiser.  Come join us for a day full of fun, fun, fun as we auction off bags of groceries starting at $3. There will be refreshments for our guest. 

--10/14--Fish Fry Breakfast--1902 Clemson St. in East Savannah off of Pennsylvania Ave.--9am-12pm.--We will be selling fish sandwhiches for $3.50 or fish and grits breakfast plates for $5.  You can add 2 eggs for $1. You can purchase a juice with your breakfast for $1 .

10/28--Womanship--1-3:30---St. Peter's Episcopal Church--3 West Ridge Rd, Savannah, Georgia 31411-this is a leadership event.  Free to the public but we will be taking up donations.

 --11/1 -11/15 --Thanksgiving Blessing--Actual dinner will be on 11/18 @5pm. Farmer's Market on Hwy. 80--the first 15 families that register will be served a delicious Thanksgiving meal. If you or anyone you know would like to enter, please submit their name, address, phone number, and the amount of members in their family to shssofwofficers28@gmail.com. They must be available to attend the dinner.
**We are seeking donations of cooked food or restaurants that will donate food so that this venture can be a success.  Please call the organization for more details.

--12/16--Toy Giveaway--1-3pm--TBA--Each year, we give out toys to children in the community.  This year, we will give toys to the first 15 families that register.  If you or anyone you know would like to enter, please submit their name, address, phone number, and the amount of children in their family to shssofwofficers28@gmail.com. They must be available to pick up the toys on that day and timeframe.
**We are seeking donations of toys any time during the year.

--12/30--Holiday Ball--6pm--Mason Hall on East Broad--This will be our last fundraiser of the year.  Come out, and help us celebrate as we prepare to enter into 2018.  $30 per individual or $50 per couple.

                                GOD BLESS YOU ALL!




Upcoming Events
As a faith-based organization, we sponsor, host, and help others with their events.  It is our goal to help anyone that we come in contact with and to assist them with their goals as we have been assisted throughout these fourteen years with our goals.