Little Sisters Helping Out
                          NOT ACTIVE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
Little Sisters Helping Out, Inc. is a faith-based social organization for girls and young ladies ages 7-17 years old. This organization is intended to help our little sisters become strong, productive, and well-mannered young ladies that are able to have positive girl relationships which will later result in them having positive and strong women relationships.
The idea for LSHO was originated because the members of the Sisterhood saw a need for young ladies to be involved in the community, allowing our youth to express themselves creatively; giving and being an example to other youth.
The vision for LSHO, Inc. is to allow the young ladies to expressively and creatively demonstrate the love of God through socializing, sharing, giving, and helping in our community. LSHO are young ladies walking as God's light in the community.

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          Sisters With Grace
Sisters With Grace is and expansion of our organization for ladies 60+ years of age or have retired before age 60. The idea was configured in September of 2008 and went live in March 2009 with enrollment being accepted.
Sisters With Grace has everything that SHSSOFW, Inc. has except it is not mandatory for them to come to the meetings. It was formulated for our more mature sisters that still want to be active, help out in their communities, and want to participate in activities, but not on such a large scale as with the core organization, and for mature ladies that maybe their family does not spend that much time with them and they are looking for something to connect to; something more.