Being in a Sisterhood is a very unique experience.  It is amazing to be around women that are unique and different at the same time.  We learn from each other and we have the ability to call each other Sister; which is the ultimate bonding experience.
Nothing is perfect, and that speaks of us as well, but we have learned to look past our faults and embrace the Sisterhood that we have been blessed to have together.  It is easier to look over the faults of someone else when we realize that we want others to look over our faults.  We are all different, so we have different opinions on many topics, but we have learned how to agree to disagree because we respect one another and the place that each of us have. 
To have a successful Sisterhood, it is important to put God first.  Why would I say that? Well, the Bible says that if we put God first, we will never be last.  We have been sustainable for 19 years.  Women have come and gone but the base of the organization remains the same.  With the help of God, He allows us to not be in competition with one another but to have grace for each other.  We strive to support and bring the best out of one another.
It is a beautiful thing to be a woman in general, but when you put us together, anything is possible!